Should I sell my business?

The biggest question facing a business owner is SHOULD I sell my business? Is it the right time for me? Is the right time for my business? CBI TEAM of Central Arkansas Professionals can help you evaluate all the challenges and opportunities so you can make the right decision about selling your business. Click to Read More

What is my business worth?

Determining the value of your business in today’s market is a key component in good decision making. The CBI TEAM of Central Arkansas can guide you to determine the true value of your business in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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Who can sell my business?

The CBI TEAM of Central Arkansas’ experience, proven proprietary process and extensive buyer database has resulted in hundreds of successful sales since 1983.

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From our home in Central Arkansas we help owners sell their businesses nationwide and across the world.


To confidentially help business sellers secure their financial future.

CBI TEAM Central Arkansas – Selling Businesses to the World

Our Most Recent Transactions:

The CBI TEAM of Central Arkansas has successfully helped hundreds of business owners transition businesses to secure their financial futures. Our stellar success rate is attributed to the following best practices:

Team: The CBI TEAM of Central Arkansas has assembled professionals possessing a broad range of experience providing sellers with a systematic approach to successful transactions. Our combined strengths offer clients best-in-class services.

Process: The CBI TEAM of Central Arkansas process evolved over 25 years through hundreds of deals. We’ve tailored the ideal method of selling businesses of all sizes and types with a customized marketing approach. Our multifaceted methods find the right people to get deals closed.

Professionalism: CBI TEAM of Central Arkansas utilizes cutting-edge technology to help clients achieve their goals. Yet, we don’t allow tech to replace old-fashioned hard work. Our highly trained Professionals achieve success with integrity, honesty, and the highest ethical standards.


Client Testimonials

We Listen, We Serve, We Care. Our Clients Say it Best.

“My broker walked me through the selling of my company step by step, he explained everything in detail and simplicity.”

 Trish Dossett | Owner of NWA Attention to Detail

“Confidentiality plus integrity, what more could you ask for?”

Danny L. Proffitt

“I was a first time business buyer and the CBI TEAM basically just told me where to sign. It was easier than buying a house!”

Dr. Brandon Stroope

“I can’t imagine having gone through this process without them [The CBI TEAM].”

Dr. Scott Taylor

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